Training Activities

Training Needs Assessment

  • Training Needs Assessment Check List (TNA Checklist) shall be distributed to municipalities and universities along with Application Checklist in order to save time.

  • TNA Check Lists filled in by the relevant institutions shall be returned back along with Application Checklists.

  • Applications without a complete TNA Checklist shall not be credited with pre-defined points though the applications shall not be rejected.

  • TNA Checklists shall be used for adjustment of the training curriculum and preparation of training material.

Delivery of Training

  • 800 trainees shall be trained within 8 weeks.

  • Each session will consist of 25 trainees.

  • 4 parallel tracks will be held each week.

  • Each group will get training for 56 hours during 7 days (5 working days plus weekend).


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Training Areas

  • Energy management systems according to ISO 50001 and best practices in the municipalities/universities from the EU Member States
  • EE and RE applications and technologies in buildings, transportation, power generation and waste management, water management and treatment etc. in municipality/university campuses, facilities and services and best practices in the EU Member States
  • Walk-through and detailed energy audits with case studies
  • District heating systems for city scale including the use of RE sources and waste heat from industry and power plants
  • Development of infrastructure for electric vehicles
  • Awareness raising methods used in EU municipalities and universities, activities for energy savings and promotion of RE technologies through means such as social media, posters, leaflets, videos and etc.
  • Project application cycle
  • Conduction of feasibility / needs assessment / environmental impact assessment/socio­economic impact analysis studies for EE and RE investments with case studies
  • Filling out the Checklists to be prepared under Component-2.1
  • Preparation of technical specifications and market research for RE and EE investments.
  • Financing procedures in EE and RE funding

Research and development and innovation trends in the EU academic and private sector institutions on RE and EE technologies

  • Energy management according to ISO 50001
  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Sustainable Energy Financing