800 Municipal and University Staff Will Get Training in Ankara Within the Scope of YEVDES

Eight hundred people who will participate in the training within the scope of Technical Assistance of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for Municipalities and Universities (YEVDES) to be organized in Ankara were determined as a result of the applications made through the Online Application Tool, which started the dates between 25 November 2019 – 27 December 2019 basvuru.yevdes.org

Within the scope of the training program, which is planned to start in September 2020, energy efficiency and renewable energy practices and investments will be covered. Each training will be held in classes for a maximum of 25 people. For eight weeks, each week, four training groups of 25 people will be trained for seven days. Travel, accommodation and food expenses of the participants will be covered by the project budget. Within the scope of the training program to be supported with site visits to the facilities and buildings in Ankara, three different curricula have been determined according to the different target group needs. Accordingly, technical and administrative staff working in the relevant departments of municipalities and universities will attend training on the following topics.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY Municipalities Universities
Energy Efficiency Legislation 1 1
Energy Studies 1 1
Energy Management and ISO 50001 Energy Management System 1 1
Insulation Applications 1 1
Cooling Systems 1 1
Ventilation Systems and Indoor Air Quality 1 1
Heating Systems 1 1
Heat Pumps 1 1
Water Wells, Pumps, and  SCADA System 3 2
Regional Heating and Cogeneration Applications 1 1
Lighting (Indoor and Outdoor) 2 2
Electric Vehicles and Bikes 1 1
Green Buildings 1 1
Energy Efficiency in Asphalt Plants 1
Campus Energy Monitoring System and Management 1
Green Campus 1
Field Visit 4 4
TOTAL 21 21
RENEWABLE ENERGY Municipalities Universities
Legislation of Renewable Energy and Unlicensed Electricity Generation in Turkey 1 1
Solar Energy System Equipment 1 1
Solar Energy Field Applications 1 1
Solar Energy Roof Applications 1 1
Solar Energy Usage Areas: Off-grid Irrigation 1 1
Energy Storage 1 1
Wind Power 2 2
Geothermal Energy 2 2
Biogas, Biomass and Landfill Gas Applications 2 2
Hydroelectricity 2 2
Field Visit 8 8
TOTAL 22 22
COMMON TOPICS Municipalities Universities
Sustainable Energy Finance 4 4
Project Cycle Management 8 8
Awareness Development 1 1
TOTAL 13 13

Under the title of “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency R&D Applications”, the following topics will be covered in the training to be given to the academic staff of universities.

National Priorities and R&D Needs in Renewable Energy 1
National Priorities and R&D Needs in Energy Efficiency 1
Renewable Energy in National Legislation and Current Changes 1
Energy Efficiency  in National Legislation and Current Changes 1
Energy Efficiency Project and R&D Needs in Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning Public/University Buildings 2
Green Campus Design and Applications 2
Green Campus Management and Certification 1
Best Practice Examples of Green Campus 1
Analysis of Campus Energy Consumption 1
Campus Energy Flow (Sankey) Diagram 1
Campus Energy Management 1
Campus Energy Optimization 1
Analysis of traditional EF applications on campus 2
Development of innovative on-campus EF technologies 2
Analysis of traditional on-campus RE applications 2
Development of innovative on-campus RE technologies 2
On-Campus Energy Storage Techniques and Applications 2
Developing On-Campus Smart Building/Lab Application 2
Development of smart campus transportation system 2
Development of on-campus smart lighting system 2
 Technical Trip of Energy Efficiency R&D Center/Applications 4
Technical Trip of Renewable Energy R&D Center/Applications 4
National Financing for R&D and Academic Purposes 2
International Financing for R&D and Academic Purposes 2
Awareness Development 2
R&D Project Cycle Management 4
R&D Project Development Application 4
Opening and  Closing Remarks, and Application of Tests 4

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