Within the scope of 4th Component of Technical Assistance for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Support for Municipalities and Universities (YEVDES) Project, the evaluation of technical support applications for R&D projects that are developed by universities has been completed and projects to receive support are determined.

56 different project applications were graded by the Project Evaluation Committee. Factors such as institutional capacity and past project experience of the university, information regarding project coordinator or team leader and other members of the research group, envisaged benefits of the proposed project in the context of national R&D priorities, strategies and the plans of research groups for the dissemination of project were considered during the evaluation of the projects.

Within the scope of the component, expert support will be provided to a total of 12 research groups, and 6 research groups will have the opportunity to observe the best practices in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency on site by attending study visits abroad.

Teams who are qualified to receive support must confirm their applications by July 1, 2020. If any research group waives its right to receive support or does not submit the documents to be requested by the Technical Assistance Team, the research groups on the reserve list will be qualified to receive support.

Technical Assistance Team will contact the team leaders and project coordinators of the research groups that are eligible for support and determine the implementation schedule.

Evaluation Results

As a result of the evaluation, research groups that will receive expert support for the R&D projects they have developed within the universities are as follows:

Ranking Entry ID University Team Leader
1 3571 Erciyes University Prof. Mustafa Serdar Genç
2 3604 Middle East Technical University Prof. Bülent G. Akınoğlu
3 3385 Ege University Assoc. Prof. Orhan Ekren
4 3413 Ege University Lect. İlter Yılmaz
5 3648 Bartın University Asst. Prof. Abid Ustaoğlu
6 3366 Dokuz Eylül University Prof. Görkem Akıncı
7 3440 Ömer Halisdemir University Asst. Prof. Ayşe Seyhan Sürmegözlüer
8 3619 Bartın University Asst. Prof. Eyüp Burak Ceyhan
9 3338 Atatürk University Prof. Mutlu Kundakçı
10 3543 Eskişehir Teknik University Assoc. Prof. Ümmühan Başaran Filik
11 3258 Sakarya University of Applied Sciences Asst. Prof. İlker Dursun
12 3325 Trakya University Prof. Semiha Öztuna
Ranking Entry ID University Team Leader
1 3185 Harran University Prof. Mehmet Aktacir
2 3652 İzmir Bakırçay University Assoc. Prof. Özge Tüzün Özmen
3 3606 Dicle University Asst. Prof.  Yurdagül Benteşen Yakut
4 3529 Kırıkkale University Assoc. Prof. Kutalmış Güven
5 3368 Kırklareli University Lect. Taner Çarkıt
6 3303 Van Yüzüncü Yıl University Asst. Prof.  Özkan Atan
7 3655 İzmir Bakırçay University Prof. Akil Birkan Selçuk
8 3362 Fırat University Prof. Hakan F. Öztop
9 3508 Amasya University Assoc. Prof. Ünal Kurt

The research groups that will participate in the study visits to the EU Member States were determined as follows.

Ranking Entry ID University Team Leader
1 3598 Ege University Prof. Günnur Koçar
2 3400 İstanbul Technical University Prof. İzzet Öztürk
3 3499 Middle East Technical University Prof. Melih Pınarcıoğlu
4 3414 Özyeğin University Prof.  M. Pınar Mengüç
5 3602 İzmir Institute of Technology Prof. Gülden Gökçen Akkurt
6 3227 Erciyes University Asst. Prof. Bahadır Demirel
Ranking Entry ID University Team Leader
1 3200 İstanbul Technical University Assoc. Prof.  Çiğdem Gömeç
2 3657 Yaşar University Prof. Arif Hepbaşlı
3 3415 Ömer Halisdemir University Asst. Prof. Ayşe Seyhan Sürmegözlüer
4 3459 Karadeniz Teknik University Prof. Halil İbrahim Okumuş
5 3600 Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University Prof. Kamil Çağatay Bayındır
6 3181 Harran University Prof. Mehmet Aktacir
7 3269 Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University Assoc. Prof. Emin Açıkkalp
8 3635 Celal Bayar University Prof. Sezai Taşkın
9 3593 Aksaray University Assoc. Prof. Tolga Taner

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