Applications for participation in the training program to be held in Ankara within the scope of YEVDES project have been concluded.

As a result of the applications made through the Online Application Tool, which started between the dates 25 November 2019 – 27 December 2019, through the application from our website,, 800 people who will attend the training are determined among 1128 people who completed their application in accordance with the project Terms of Reference.

In the selection of people to attend the training, criteria such as geographical distribution of institutions, the energy efficiency and/or the thematic distribution of project applications made by institutions in the field of renewable energy, the department employed within the institution, gender equality, the number of applicants from the same institution or the same unit, at what level the applicant staff served, according to geographical regions specific educational exigencies of institutions, and the level of education and work experience of the applicant staff were taken into consideration.

In addition to renewable energy and energy efficiency applications and investments, topics such as sustainable energy financing, energy projects management cycle and renewable energy and energy efficiency awareness will be covered under the training program. In addition to theoretical training, site visits will also be arranged to the buildings and facilities in Ankara.

The training was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic is planned to start in September 2020.

The project office will contact the institutions in relation to the details of this program and will receive confirmation of the staff’s participation in training. Instead of the personnel declared unable to attend the training, new participants will be determined to give priority to those nominated during the application and are not on the list of 800 people.

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