Across Turkey, a total of 800 administrative, technical and academic staff will be given training for a period of 7 days, with the aim of improving the capacity of municipalities and universities in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy. The training program will cover topics such as the legal
framework, sustainable energy finance and energy projects management cycle, in addition to energy efficiency and renewable energy applications. The training booklet, prepared by experts who have theoretical and practical competence in their field, will serve as a guide for those who will participate in the training program and a reference guide for institutions that they can use in the coming years. The training booklet will contain both theoretical information and the most up-to-date and best examples from the field.

The training program will be carried out face-to-face or online, depending on the course of the pandemic. In addition to 700 administrative and technical personnel working within municipalities and universities, 100 academicians and graduate students will also participate in the training program that centres R&D studies in energy efficiency and renewable energy fields. At the end of the 7-day training, participants will also be given a certificate of participation. Within the scope of the First Component of the YEVDES Project, a total of 40 participants from municipalities and universities and 16 representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources will participate in study visits, each of which will last 3 days, in EU Member States.