Field studies for energy studies and renewable energy feasibility studies to be carried out within the
scope of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technical Assistance Project (YEVDES) for
Municipalities and Universities continue. A total of 80 energy studies and 80 feasibility studies will be
conducted within the scope of the project.

As the initial site visits, which started in February 2020 but were suspended until July due to
pandemic restrictions, are approaching the end, the experts assigned for the projects that have been
decided to conduct energy studies and feasibility studies as a result of the initial assessment,
continue their visits in order to measure, evaluate on site and exchange views with the
representatives of the relevant institutions regarding the energy study and feasibility studies to be
prepared at the end of the project.

Within the scope of visits to 55 municipalities and 55 universities located in 7 regions of Turkey, 158
projects have been visited so far and reporting studies have started for these institutions.

Energy Studies to Increase Energy Efficiency of Institutions

Measurement and evaluation studies for energy studies are planned to be completed by the end of
March 2021. Reporting studies, which are carried out simultaneously by a large group of experts, are
planned to be completed in the summer and shared with relevant institutions. In this context, energy
audit measurements have been completed for the projects of 30 institutions to increase their energy

Feasibility for Renewable Energy Projects

Feasibility studies will also be carried out especially for solar energy but also for wind, biogas,
hydroelectric and geothermal energy projects, within the scope of the Second Component of the
Project. Different teams work simultaneously in each type of energy. So far, field studies have been
started for 17 solar, 4 biogas and 1 geothermal energy projects.

News from Projects

The Project from Manisa Metropolitan Municipality to Meet Soma’s Heating Needs

The district heating project proposed by the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality is one of the projects
that will benefit from engineering consultancy services within the scope of the Third Component of
YEVDES. While the waste hot water obtained from the thermal power plant in the region provides
heating services to 11,128 subscribers, it is aimed to increase this number to 40,000 with the capacity
increase to be realized in the current project.

Izmir Institute of Technology will be heated with Geothermal Energy

Another remarkable project supported under the YEVDES Project is the renewable energy project
developed by the Izmir Institute of Technology (IYTE), which envisages heating the university campus
using geothermal resources. While the relevant project site was visited last week, YEVDES Project
Team Leader Zoran Morvaj participated in the audit, measurement and exchange of views with the
representatives of the institutions.